How to Distinguish Between Bone China And New Bone China?

How to Distinguish Between Bone China And New Bone China?

First, let's understand their definitions:

Bone china: Bone china is the abbreviation of bone china. It was invented in England at the end of the 18th century. It is made of animal bone meal, clay, feldspar and Shi Ying as basic raw materials. It is a kind of porcelain made by firing twice at high temperature plain and low temperature glaze. Therefore, ceramics originated from China, while bone china was invented by the British. Compared with ceramics, it is thinner and more transparent.

New bone China: New bone China is usually not added to the name. Its essence is only a kind of white porcelain. By adding calcium oxide similar to mineralizer and bone meal to the porcelain blank, it has an impact on the firing temperature, deformation, water absorption, transmittance and other aspects of traditional porcelain. A new material similar to bone porcelain in appearance quality. As a result, smart manufacturers have given the name of new bone china. Although it seems to have the whiteness and delicacy of bone china, it is very different from bone china in essence and material.


From the above definition, it can be seen that the new bone china is not a new variety of bone china, but can only be regarded as a kind of bone-like china. How do they differ?

  1. Ingredients:

Traditional western bone china contains real animal bone meal, usually with a content of more than 30%. For example, some top precious porcelain even reaches more than 50%. Generally, beef bone meal is the best. However, the new bone china does not have bone meal content, but only adds synthetic raw materials.


  1. Firing Process:

Western bone china needs to be fired twice. After high-temperature plain firing, low-temperature glaze is fired, and the glaze of the porcelain is bright; the new bone china is fired once.


  1. Color:

The color of western bone china is natural milky white, and the higher the content of bone meal, the more it tends to milky white. New bone china is a synthetic raw material added with a certain whitening agent.


  1. Sound:

Western bone china is placed on the flat hands to collide, making a crisp "dang" sound, the sound is pleasant to the ear, and there is an echo, and the echo time is longer; the new bone china and other porcelain collide with a dull "ding" sound, and there is basically no echo.


  1. Weight:

Western bone china is lighter than new bone china. Bone china will feel very light in hand because of its unique raw materials and technological process.


  1. Fetal Quality:

Western bone china carcass can be very thin; new bone china carcass is relatively thick.


  1. Light Transmittance:

Western bone china has better light transmittance than new bone china. Buckle the bone china cup on the bulb, the whole is transparent.

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