Classification of Fiery Glass Goblets

Classification of Fiery Glass Goblets

1. According to the category

First of all, if the wine glasses are classified according to the types, there are high-legged wine glasses and flat-legged wine glasses, such as high-legged wine glasses.
We are usually used to drink foreign wine, while flat-bottomed wine glasses are mostly used to drink white wine. This can be selected according to the preferences of our friends.

2. According to the material division

There are many kinds of wine glasses according to the material, such as glass, plastic and crystal.
We usually choose to drink with a glass glass, because the glass glass feels thick and transparent, which can better reflect the color of the wine to let us judge whether the wine is of good quality.
Plastic wine glasses slightly lack texture, while crystal wine glasses are naturally the most upscale, but the price is relatively expensive.

3. Divide according to capacity

There are also many strong wine glasses, ranging from 10 ml to 50 ml. Small partners can choose their own wine glasses according to their alcohol consumption.
4. Naming according to the type of liquor

And some wine glasses are named according to the name of the wine, just like whiskey wine glasses, which are specially used to hold whiskey. The appearance of whiskey wine glasses is very beautiful and noble.

5. Difference from the appearance of ordinary wine glasses

Of course, the difference between a strong wine glass and an ordinary wine glass is that it has a very thick bottom, which will make the filled liquor look more vigorous and domineering.

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